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What We Do

Atlas generates weekly maps of gigantic areas.  We're starting with Napa County in California.


We generate weekly, high-res maps of county-sized areas. Simple observation yields insights today's market otherwise doesn't provide.

Image Processing

We use the latest advances in software algos and hardware tech to deliver insights of your land overnight.

AI and Machine Learning

We mine terabytes of imagery data to pull serious insights so you don't have to.


When we provide insights, our customers share them internally between colleagues. Capture and share insights from our maps to streamline communication about land.

The Product.

1" Resolution - the best on the market. Delivered weekly or daily. Customers log in and get full access.

Inch Resolution

day-old imagery (average)

Square Miles Covered Each Flight

Gigabytes of Data Acquired Each Flight

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Benefits and Use Cases

Fresh, Frequent, Hi-Resolution Imagery provides a multitude of benefits.


Satellite imagery can be interesting but misses details. Hi-Res Aerial Imaging lets you observe crops at leaf-scale.

  • Validate Uniformity
  • Scout for Expected and Unexpected Problems
  • Observe weak growth down to the plant


Mining operations involve a lifecycle of exploration, discovery, digging and extraction. Hi-Res, wide-area imagery augments every stage of that lifecycle.

  • Prospect areas for optimal digging
  • Deliver fresh views of multiple sites to management
  • Identify asset placement and utilization

Construction and infrastructure Monitoring

Remotely observe infrastructure's state of health and ongoing updates

  • Determine threats to hard infrastructure assets
  • Augment maintenance cycles with a recent view into asset condition
  • Validate that work ordered on site has been performed

Solar and Power

Soil on panels, trees growing over lines. Corrosion on transformers. We do the scouting so you don't have to.

  • Support maintenance and ops with few-days-old views into condition of power infrastructure
  • Improve customer support with more relevant aerial data
  • Optimize schedules for visits to assets


Atlas Imagery provides insights across industries. Take a look at some sample images.

Atlas is Going Live.

We will be expanding to new locations across California, month by month.

Our Team

Our founding team hails from the MIT School of Engineering with backgrounds in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Aeronautics. We bring leading expertise in operations and data management with heritage from the following companies.

McKinsey & Company
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Atlas Headquarters are located in Cupertino, CA.

We operate out of the
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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